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Kidnap Kidnap

R (1 hr 22 mins)


    10:35AM | 12:45PM | 2:55PM | 5:05PM | 7:15PM | 9:30PM
    10:30AM | 12:35PM | 2:50PM | 5:10PM | 7:25PM | 9:30PM

Halle Berry

 Karla Dyson's (Academy Award winner Halle Berry) will and strength are put to the test when -- after looking away for just one second - her son is taken at a town fair. She finds him just in time to see his kidnappers put him in their car and drive away, where she narrowly misses stopping them on foot, dropping her cell phone as she chases after the car. With no one to turn to but herself, she jumps in her own car and speeds after them, determined to stop at nothing to bring her son to safety and take down his kidnappers.

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