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Online Purchases FAQs

How do you earn Movie Mania Points?

It's very simple. Every time you purchase an item, have a team member swipe your card to collect Movie Mania Points (MMPs). MMPs can be earned on ticket purchases and/or concession purchases.
You will earn 4 MMPs for adult tickets and 2 MMPs for all other tickets. When purchasing Gift cards you will receive 1 MMPs for every dollar you spend. MMPs are awarded for every food and/or drink item you choose to purchase. Check with your theater, as they will have further details on how many points you can earn per item.
The following is an example of MMPs earned on a visit. Mary purchases 2 adult tickets (8 MMPs), Combo number 3 (4 MMPs), and 1 box of candy (2 MMPs); She has earned 14 MMPs.

How can I sign up for the Movie Mania Rewards Program?
Any one of our Box Office Attendants, Managers or Team Members can register you for the Movie Mania Rewards program. Simply fill out the Guest Section of this brochure, it takes about 2 minutes. All you need to know is your name, current mailing address and your email address. Rest assured; we will not sell your contact information to anyone.

Why do you need my contact information?
Occasionally Five Star Cinemas may send out coupons for free Stuff, invite you to a pre-screening of a movie or send you a Birthday Card. You never know what good things to expect. Just make sure, you give us your email address.

Can I Check my Gift Card or Movie Mania Points balance online?
Yes. You can check your Gift Card or Movie Mania Rewards balance by clicking on the image below.

Image of Gift Card

Here is a list of our Fabulous Movie Mania Rewards
20 mania points----$4.00 Mania Coupon
40 mania points----$7.00 Mania Coupon
80 mania points----$10.00 Mania Coupon
100 mania points----Matinee Ticket
125 mania points----Free Combo #1
150 mania points----Adult Evening Ticket
160 mania points----3D Ticket
200 mania points----$20 Mania Coupon
300 mania points----Family Night
(4-Evening tickets, 2 Large Popcorns, 4 Small Drinks)

Points will reset after you have achieved 300 MMPs